#15 – What being in the Las Vegas shooting does to you and other life lessons – Brad Sugars

Today I have the privilege to speak to Brad Sugars, Brad is the CEO of ActionCOACH a business coaching firm operating in 75 countries, coaching 20.000 business owners a week and creating an estimated 40.000 jobs a year.

In this interview we will talk about Brad’s business and life lessons and why he works to have a life in stead of living so that he can work. “Our goal as Australians is not to have a life so that we can work, it’s to work so that we can have a life

Brad enjoys life and has tried to retire many times but failed because he went crazy not working at all. Now he manages how much he works and makes sure he takes 3 months a year off. He speaks about how people accept driving fancy cars in the US and admire success while Australian tend to envy success.

Living in Las Vegas Brad was at the concert on the 1st of October 2017 where a gunman opened fire. Brad was in the audience and is still processing this traumatic experience. He will talk about what this experience has done with him and how he has picked up his life again.

“The moment you get over the fact that you business goal is about money you start to make real money. ”

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