#14: Life and business lessons that allow her to take 100 days a year off – Cynthia Wihardja

Today I will be speaking to Cynthia Wihardja. She will share How to take 100 days of vacation her dark past, her life’s compass, and the positive lessons she keeps in her intimate treasure box.

Cynthia is the founder of ActionCOACH South Jakarta, one of the leading business-coaching firms in Indonesia. Cynthia is a Coach, a Keynote speaker and author of the book “It’s My Career. I Decide”.

Cynthia is involved in various charities most notably Yayasan Prima Unggul, where she gives entrepreneurial education to underprivileged teens from orphanages in Indonesia.

Another thing that Cynthia loves is traveling and she shared with me that she was surprised to find out that this year she will have spent 100 days away from the office. It is clear that Cynthia knows how to prioritise her time and in this interview I hope to out how she does this and what drives her.

Cynthia’s Blog and where to find her on facebook Youtube and Linkedin

Action Coach South Jakarta


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