JIP11 | David Cummin

Today’s guest is David Cummin. David has build and sold quite a few businesses and is currently one of the founders of Arthur Online, an innovative property management app.

David took his family for a trip around the world twice and inspired me to do the same for which I am very grateful to him. He explains how taking his kids out of the London Bubble broadened their horizons and how he added 10 years of father time in a 9 month period.

Coming back from his travels had it’s own challenges which David will talk about as well.

He explains he build the property management software Arthur and how fear of failure motivates him to keep building this business. As he says “If something comes along and it scares you but it could be a good move you gotta do it and you mustn’t give up whatever happens”

Many people call him Peter Pan because of all his ‘stupid’ ideas, however many of these materialize and become reality. Let’s hand it over to David Cummin.

David’s business: Arthur Online


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