JIP07 | Ray Parlour

Today I am blessed to be speaking to a Arsenal football legend. Ray Parlour, nicknamed “The Romford Pelé”. A non pretentious man that has never adored the limelight, but, as he explains, couldn’t get a bigger buzz than walking out in a stadium with 40.000 people.

Ray speaks about his selfless role in the team and how he feels he got the best out of other players sometimes. Ray is still a hardworking man still involved with football in many ways. He is trying to do the best he can at everything he does, like he did for 14 years on the Arsenal pitch.

Ray will share in this interview why he feels he is the luckiest man in the world having the best “job” being an ex player. Ray now feels freed from the regimental life of football to spend time with his 5 children and visit different places in the world. He wishes for everybody to be free and enjoy their life.

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