#13: How he changed his vanilla life to a life of conscious choices – Rene Suhardono

Today Rene Suhardono is my guest. Rene is an Indonesian author of multiple bestselling books and currently very involved in changing education in Indonesia through his limitless campus initiative.

Rene speaks about how he figured out in biology class that the father he grew up with was not his real dad and how he went looking for his philipino dad when he was 28. This lead him to see that his life was vanila as he calls it to creating a life of conscious choices. He speaks about how knowing where you come from is important to figure out what you should do with your life.

Rene explains how education is built up of 5 components
1) Consciousness
2) Knowing yourself
3) Understanding your surrounding
4) Claiming your role
5) Perfecting your mission

Rene speaks about the sad statistic in Indonesia that High school graduates have a better chance of a job than university graduates. He has claimed his role to do something about education in Indonesia and launched limited campus, a curated platform to design your life.

This is the first interview where I dared to ask my guest whether he is affraid to die and I will also explain why I asked this question and my own views.

Enjoy my interview with Rene Suhardono public and TEDx speaker, author, radio show host and entrepreneur with a passion to improve education in Indonesia.

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