JIP09 | Serge Romano

Serge Romano Italian by blood, Australian by nationality is a sales coach, teaching teams and companies how to improve their sales process, sales management and sales people by applying something called the Sales Playbook. As Serge explains Sales is usually the life blood of any company but the least structured and managed process. His Sales Playbook solves all of this.

Serge is a FANATIC fan of Australian Rules Football and has been involved with this sport at many levels. He explains how this has shaped his thinking and his teachings.

Serge is the first guest that choked me up when he shared his very personal story how he managed to overcome anxiety attacks at a critical period in his life. Since speaking to Serge I have shared his story to friends and it turns out many others have used his method successfully to fight their own demons.

Meet Serge Romano a wonderful storyteller, salescoach, sportsman who wil also explain why it’s not a crime NOT to have a passion.

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