JIP06 | Thor Holt

Thor is a coach, a trained professional actor, podcast host and former TEDx speaker who believes everyone should be free to make a bigger impact.

In 2011 he founded a communication coaching business to serve the legal, higher education, and entrepreneurial sectors.

Thor is a previous workshop leader at MIT and coached technical start-up teams with their pitching. In August 2013 he was invited to become an ‘Entrepreneur In Residence’.

Currently Thor delivers business storytelling masterclasses around Scotland and is the host of the Write With Courage! and The Shetland Times podcast where he regularly interviews interesting; writers, actors, musicians, filmmakers and thinkers

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1 thought on “JIP06 | Thor Holt

  1. James J Paton Reply

    Superb! (Though you were much younger that 43!) Love the challenge rather than advice route. the listening challenge is interesting too. Especially for men – myself in particular. So honest and open – an inspiration. An open and yet disciplined mind is key – I struggle with the latter. Why should anyone be ‘forced’ by convention, expectation and peer pressure to know what they should be doing at such a young age, especially 16-18-22 – systematic ‘imposed’ deadlines.
    Late late 20’s was when options and other paths emerged, after tasting and trying many, many things, often as a volunteer and often by accident than design. (At 56 I still don’t know what to be and have been lots of things.)

    Assume you are aware of Baz Lurhmann’s Everybody’s Free to Wear Suncreen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTJ7AzBIJoI

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